Welcome to the Greatest Website Ever!

My names is Tyler James. I am a Freshmen at North Carolina State University.

I am planning on becoming an Aerospace Engineer. I chose this major because

I have always loved planes. I figured Aerospace would be a great fit for me.

I can not wait to get started.

My favorite hobby is making music. Whether I am using my voice, a guitar, a

piano, or any other instrument, music always brings me joy. That may sound

weird coming from a math and science kid; however, my music will always have

a place in my life. Furthermore, I am professional guitarist. I have played

venues all over the east coast that range from 500 to 15,000 attendees. Feel

free to ask me about any of my ventures.

Sweetwater Sweetwater
  1. Go to Cookout
  2. Ask for a Big Double Burger
  3. Add everything to the burger
  4. Enjoy a delicious burger
Class Grade
E115 S
MA241 B+
CH101 A
Sweet Guitar with 24K Gold hardware