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My name is Tyler Rohrbach. I am currently a sophomore double majoring in Environmental Science and Marine Science. When I first entered college I wanted to study Environmental Science because I have always been active outdoors and interested in working with nature. Earlier this year I decided to pick up a second major, Marine Science, because I love to fish and would like to work on coastal fisheries and hopefully have the opportunity to live at the beach. I feel like both of these majors will help me land a job directly out of college.

If I had to pick a favorite hobby I would probably choose playing basketball. Ever since I was young I have loved to play and watch basketball. Considering that March Madness starts this week, I though this topic was particularly relevant. Playing basketball has always been an outlet for my extra energy and also helps me get rid of stress.I will frequently go to Carmichael gym to play pick up games or intramural games.

NCSU basketball Tyler's Resume
  1. Bread
  2. Place meat and cheese on the bread
  3. Put some mayonaisse on sandwich
  4. Put another slice of bread on top to finish the sandwich
Lebron James Dunking
Class Grade
E 115 S
ES 200 A
ARE 201 A