Welcome to my Website

Hello my name is Tanner Windell. I am a Freshman Mechanical Engineering Major at North Carolina State University. I chose Mechanical Engineering because I am a very hands on and mecahnically minded person. I have grown up interested in working on cars and I think that Mecanical Engineering goes along with the skills I already have. I would ultimately like to work in some type of motorsports preferably NASCAR.

My favorite break is spring break. I like to go to the beach for this break. I am very much a beach person and enjoy my time just sitting on the beach. I look forward to this every year. I have many fond memories of spring breaks in the past.


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Oredering a pizza

  1. call pizza place
  2. ask for specials
  3. state pick up or delivery
  4. place order
  5. pick up/wait for delivery
  6. pay for pizza
  7. enjoy pizza

Class Grade
E115 S
CH101 B
MA141 B