Tyler Williams



I am currently enrolled in my second year here at NC State. My intended major is Physics with a possible minor in Spanish. Because I have to CODA into Physics and I am already a Sophomore, my expected graduation date will be either Fall of 2019 or Spring of 2020.

Future plans

I chose this because I have always had an interest in space and would love to expand our knowledge in the field. I plan on focusing on Astronomy with my physics major and doing research under a university, like NC State, or at a research facility or company, like NASA.

Skills and Qualities

  • Java Programing
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Strong interest in space
  • Experienced in instructing and speaking in front of crowds
  • Certified in MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint

  • Relevant Coursework

    Class Course Title Semester
    Spanish 202 FLS 202 Fall 2016
    Physics 205 PY 205 Spring 2016
    Physics 208 PY 208 Fall 2016
    Astrophysics Fall 2016 PY 328