My name is Tyler Ellington, and I am a freshman in mechanical engineering. I first became interested
in engineering when I started taking calculus in my junior year of high school. I began to enjoy math and
enjoyed solving practical problems. I also took an engineering drafting course, which further developed my
interest specifically mechanical engineering as I learned how to design things with moving parts. The thing
that helped me make up my mind was when a professor here at State took me on a personal tour of Centennial
campus, where I got to see some of the projects he had been working on with grad students.

My favorite break from school has always been Christmas break. I love seeing family, being out of
school for weeks at once, and especially the festivities of Christmas and New Years. This year I'm looking
forward to it even more because it's a longer break than I had in high school. Not only that, the semester
ends before break starts, which means I have nothing hanging over my head the whole break. I also really
like it when it snows, so that tops off my reasons for preferring winter break.

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  1. Put a piece of bread on a plate.
  2. Lather peanut butter on the bread.
  3. Carefully place slices of banana in such a way as to cover the peanut butter.
  4. Add a layer of grape jelly.
  5. Add the second piece of bread.
Class Grade
MA 242 A
EC 201 A
CH 101 B+
CH 102 A+
E101 A
E115 S
HON 202 A