Welcome to my Get to Know Me page!:

Hello! My name is Tatnai Vielza Fiffe. I am a sophmore at NC State University and majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Since I was child my dream was not to become an engineer it was to become a doctor, but the first time I flew in an airplane I noticed that I wanted to know more about it. So from that day on my obsession for any kind of object that can fly, especially spacecrafts started, and here I am today trying to make my dream come true.

My dream job is to work for NASA. I would like to colect and analyze new materials for spacecraft contruction, and in a job where I can work independently or with a team, depending on the project. Also, I would love to be able to design and develop vehicles for space environment.

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The most interesting classes I am taking at NC State:

  1. Aerospace Vehicle Performance
  2. Introduction to Computing-MATLAB
  3. Engineering Statics
  4. Introduction to Computing Environments
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