Vericams Inc.

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Our Mission:

Our goal here at Vericams Inc, is to provide an efficient and reliable way to keep the chain of custody of officer body cams and their collected evidence intact. Given the recent rise in the interest in police officers conduct, it has become vital to gather all information on cases to accurately investigate claims of misconduct. Our product uses fingerprint identification for each body cam taken by an officer as they begin their shift from our secure all-in-one charger, and data retrieval camera bank. Ideally we recommend this be put in the charge of the property and evidence clerk to ensure accountability in the handling of returning camera footage.

About Us:

Vericams Inc. is a new company that is looking to provide a needed safeguard to the recent deployment of body cams in police forces across the United States. Currently the systems put into place gives law enforcement the chance to document their interactions with society more than ever. This is a great thing for the judicial system in that they now can refer directly to the footage taken. However there is a hole in the system because, the footage taken on the body cam is available to the officers that wear them, giving them the ability to choose weather or not the footage is going to be saved or deleted. In rare cases of police misconduct, it is a conflict of interest for the officer to be in charge of the evidence that would need to be reviewed by their superior to access if there was wrongdoing on the part of the officer. We offer a system in which the chain of custody remains unbroken for that body cam footage.