My name is Trenton Schorey and I am a transfer student so I am somewhere around a sophomore/junior level. My current major is education and technology but I hope to change to computer engineering within the year. I am interested in computer engineering because I have been involved with computers my whole life! From building them to programming them I have enjoyed working with computers. I was originally going for education and technology because I enjoyed teaching and technology.

My favorite animal would probably be a dog or a wolf. I grew up with cats and I have had many good times with my former cats but I would still say a dog or a wolf is my favorite. Tigers are pretty cool though...oh and dragons...wait does it have to be real animals? Dragons could be real they just haven't been found yet. I would imagine they are pretty tricky and smart animals.

“reddit” Dragons!

How to order pizza...
  1. First, know what pizza you want and who you are getting it from.
  2. Second, decide you are too poor to order pizza so you cook a frozen pizza.
  3. Third, accidentally forget your pizza is in the oven and burn it to ashes.
  4. Fourth, curse a couple times and order pizza anyway.

Classes Grade
E115 A
ECE109 B
EC201 A