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About G-Jackets, Inc.

    G-Jackets, Inc. is a 21st century company started in 2017 by Tyler Stone. Tyler is an active snowboarder who has snowboarded all across the United States
ranging from the East Coast to the West Coast. Throughout his adventures snowboarding, he has always found the Back Country to be an extremely
dangerous place to ride. Being an avid snowboarder, Tyler follows his passion and enters into the back country year after year. After being in a couple of
smaller avalanches and almost being buried alive, he thought it was time to design a new and safer way to snowboard and ski in the Back Country. All of
our products are made in the United States of America and have a limited lifetime guarantee. We stand behind all of our products and we want our customers
to have the safest and best experience possible. Happy Snowboarding and Go Shred Those Mountains!


    Our mission is to provide a safe and effective way for family and friends to participate in Back Country Snow Sports.


    An average of 27 people per year over the past 10 years have been killed by avalanches in the United States and over 150 world wide per year are killed.
Most of these deaths are caused from people suffocating because it can be hard to find where your friends or family members are at underneath the snow.
G-Jackets, Inc. is here to help minimize these deaths. Out goal is to lower this number to single digits per year and maybe one day eliminate this problem
as a whole.


Safety Is Our Priority