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My name is Tyler Sturgill and I am freshman at North Carolina State University. I am going to graduate in 2017 with a degree in either chemical engineering or material science engineering. If I choose to become a chemical engineer I would like to work for a government defence agency designing better explosives and weapons. If I become a material science engineer I would still want to work for a government defence agency but I would like to design better body armour or help improve weapons to make them more durable. Both of these career paths would be very satisfying to me.

Two weekends ago my girlfriend and I traveled back home for fall break. I live in Boone, North Carolina. The fall season in Boone is the most beautiful spectacle to see. The leaves color change is at its peak. The mountains look like a something straight off a postcard and everything is beautiful. Also the fly fishing season is in full swing and there are several trophy trout fishing spot around. Some of them are very remote and just getting to them is a couple hours hike.

Boone,North Carolina Field and Stream
  1. Call Papa Johns and tell them what you want
  2. Give them your address
  3. Wait
  4. pay for pizza and delivery boys' tip
Class Expected grade
Ch 101 B
Ma 141 B
E115 S