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My name is Tavoy Walls. I am a freshman and I plan to major in chemical engineering. I chose this major because I was inspired to do so by one of my councelors at the NCSU SATELLITE program. I have a particular interest in energy as I feel that is an important subdivison of my major. I hope to one day make a difference in the world.

My favorite hooby is playing Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. My main in that game is Sonic. I feel like I'm at least 3rd at NCSU. Normally I wouldn't say things like that but, I went to a tournament here and it looked pretty free to me. I am still trying to get better and I won't stop until I'm clearly the best!

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How to make a spinach alfredo pizza

  1. Go to Papa John's website
  2. Add a spinach alfredo pizza to your cart
  3. Choose your payment type
  4. Wait for about 30 minutes
  5. Recieve pizza
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
CH101 A
E144 A