The name is Taylor Gapcynski, I rob banks...just kidding...but seriously. I love 'Thats what she said jokes', I don't care if you think they're immature, they're freaking hilarious, if used properly. I'm currently a freshman at North Carolina State University in the one and only College of Engineering. As of now I am currently unmatriculated because I have no idea what I am going to do with life. But, I do see a path down a double major in computer science and computer engineering. I like computers, I think they're real interesting, but incredibly complicated. I like computer science because I like the idea of making programs or cool software. I like computer engineering because I think building software or computer parts would be real interesting. So, I figured if both of them have the word 'computer' in them, why not go for a double major...NOT. But seriously, I am trying to find the will power to do so.

Halloween is usually pretty fun, all the cool haunted themes and such and candy lest we forget. I wish it came more than once a year because I like dressing up for some reason. It is also pretty neat to see what other people's intuitive imaginations can come up with..NOT. This year I decided to uphold the law-haha-by myself by being a cop! I've always wanted to arrest someone and walk around in shiny black pants and shoes, so I made it happen, and it was..awesome. Unfortunately no one really took me seriously, I wanted to chase down criminals and jump fences but all the convicts and criminals I came across where incoherent at the time and didn't seem to care. It made me incredibly sad.

Feeling average?

Well when I do watch college football, it'll only be games with these two teams because they are the only two I like. But..if I had to pick...

  1. Virginia Tech
  2. North Carolina State University
  3. I can't think of another team
  4. Up above
  5. Wait! I think I got one...kidding


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