Welcome to my mye115

My name is Tao Yu. My major is computer science. I don't know why I pick this major, I just don't like anything esle. I moved from China to here 6 years ago. I speak Chinese for 21 years.

I don't really do anything outside of class. I ussally spend my time play vedio game. I play all kinds of vedio games, such like cs go, or league of legend. I went to gym sometimes, like 2 times per week. I always want to learn how to play guitar, but I keep give up on that.

This is my favorite website.


prepare my favorite pizza

  1. get on the email of papa john
  2. put on topings i like
  3. order it
  4. Wait for delivering
  5. pay the money and eat it

My Courses

Class Grade
E115 S
csc226 A
csc116 A

league of legend