Welcome to my About Me page

Hello! My name is Vishal Jayaraman and I am a current freshman at North Carolina State University. I applied to NC State with the intent of studying mechanical engineering, however I haven't 100% finalized on my first choice major. As of now, I have narrowed down to Mechanical, Aerospace, and Computer Engineering. I have decided on these three majors because of my strong interest in automation and technology.

As of now, I am not working in any job as I have been focusing on my academic career. However, I plan on working with sales or human resources at a store or outlet during my time at NC State. I don't intend on sticking to this job too long as I want to pursue a career related to what I studied here.

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Most Interesting Classes I've Taken at NC State

  1. Calculus 2
  2. E115
  3. Modern American History
  4. Fundamentals of Economics

Clubs I'm in/want to join Website
Club Tennis Click Here
Adventure Club Click Here