Welcome to my Page!

Hi everyone, my name is Victoria Cosenza. I just started at State and I am a freshman! I am so excited to be here! Currently, I am in first year engineering. Once I CODA, I plan on majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I am interesting in this major because I am interesting in both engineering and the medical field.

In my free time, I like to do gymnastics. I participate in club gymnastics at NC State. It is so much fun! I did gymnastics for ten years before college. It is so great to continue here at State!

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How to Make My Favorite Sandwich
  1. Take a slice of whole grain bread
  2. Put turkey on the bread
  3. Put cheese on the turkey
  4. Cut the bread in half
Class Expected Grade
PY 205 A
MA 242 A
ENG 101 A-
src="disney.jpg" alt="For gymnastics, Nationals is is Disney!."