Haii! This is my webpage. Not yours :)

Oh hi there, my name is Vivian Chung. I'm a freshman, and I'm majoring in Civil Engineering. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to type an entire paragraph about these three things, but here goes. I chose Civil Engineering because I love structures, buildings, and bridges. I was deciding between architecture and civil engineering when I came to State, but I learned that I couldn't draw more than a monkey could speak English. So, I went with civil because I figured, if I like math and science, why not go for engineering?

Breaksss, breaks, breaksss. Hmm, I think my favorite break by far was probably spring break. I hadn't been to Disney World for at least seven years. That's a long time even for a teen. Anyways, my friends and I took a road trip all the way down to Florida and stayed there for about a week. It was tons of fun and the weather was wonderful, not too hot, not too cold. But when we were heading back, we realized that our vacation was MUCH too short. We were dreading driving the 10 hours back home. When we got back, we were all just sad and dreary about the weather and the blandness in NC. Oh well. Still had tons of fun :)


You wanna know about my favorite sandwich, eh?

  1. Get some yummy bread, smart one.
  2. Then put some Nutella on it.
  3. After that, slap some sliced bananas on it. (Like a monkey, of course.)
  4. Put the another slice of bread on that heap of yummy.
  5. Next, pop that bad boy on a griddle and watch it sizzle.
  6. Finally, you can grab it, eat it, and dance around!

Classes Grades
E115 Pass
Calc III B
PY208 A-
USC102 A+
Chinese! A

Spring BREAK!