Welcome, this page is all about getting to know me!

My name is Victoria Martin. I am a freshman with an intended Biomedical Engineering major. I want to design, fabricate and fit prosthetics. I was inspired by my cousin who was diagnosed with cancer at age twelve and now has a prosthetic leg. I was extremely fascinated by the way in which it operated and allowed him to play football and ride a bike. I hope to one day become a prosthetist, living a life where I can help others.

My favorite break from school is always summer break. It is a time I get to spend with my family and friends, often traveling to the beach. Summer break is always nice because although I have some time away from school work I still remain busy participating in fun events. It is filled with activities and get togethers of all kinds. This summer I am even considering volunteering at a camp for disabled children or maybe even going abroad to do ministry work. Summers are a time for new experiences and always result in fun stories to share with others!

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How to make a pepperoni pizza:

  • Buy dough, pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni
  • Preheat the oven
  • Roll out the dough
  • Spread pizza sauce all over
  • Sprinkle cheese and place pepperonis on the rolled out dough and sauce
  • Bake the pizza
  • Class Expected Grade
    MA 241 B
    ENG 101 A
    CH 101 C
    E 101 A
    Summer at the beach