Welcome To My Page!

About Me and My Education

My name is Victoria Augoustides, and I am currently a first year student at North Carolina State University! At present, I am studying under the major "Exploratory Studies" because when I first came here, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. But, as this semester comes to a close, I am looking forward to applying to the College of Engineering, specifically the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Departments. I really enjoy working with technology and want to one day start up my own company.

My Most Recent Work Experience and Where I am Headed

My most recent employment was at a restaurant called Sixty Six: Pizzeria and Bar. This was my second job in the food industry after working at Subway, but this time I was working as a server. I enjoyed serving due to the flexible scheduling, social immersion, and fast-paced environment. Currently, I am looking at starting my own blog to become proficient at web page styling and to have a space to speak my mind.

My Current Coursework:

  1. Engineering in the 21st Century (E102)
  2. Computing Environments (E115)
  3. College Student Development(ECD 220)
  4. Yoga I (HESF 279)
  5. The Creative Process in Science (HON 310)
  6. Physics for Scientists and Engineers 1 (PY 205)
  7. Physics for Scientists and Engineers Lab (PY 206)
  8. Intro to University Education 2 (USC 102)

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