My Reflections on the Freshman College Experience

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by my website. My name is Varsha Gopal. I am a current freshman here at NC State University, planning on majoring in Computer Science. I chose Computer Science because I have always had a very logical mindset. In highschool I enjoyed problem solving, math, statistics and algorithms so Computer Science felt like the perfect fit for me! I also love challenging riddles and Sudoku puzzles so I was very inclined towards a math/logic related field.

As a Computer Scientist my dream job would be to work on the newest technologies in a large company like Google or Facebook. I am looking into internships with companies like SAS, IBM and Fidelity as a stepping stone to prepare me for the challenge. I love working in a team environment as it helps foster more creativity and diversity so being part of a project team would be a job experience I would love to have. Hopefully, in my field I am not sitting behind a computer, but interacting with others and making a difference!

Graduation Day with my Grandparents
  1. HON 202 - Creative Non-Fiction as Civic Discourse
  2. HON 299 - Music of Language
  3. CSC 116 - Intro to Computing - Java
  4. MA 305 - Elementary Linear Algebra
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