Welcome to my About Me page!

My name is Vince Varju, and I am a freshman in Engineering at NC state.
I intend to pursue a career in Textile Engineering, possibly concentrated
in production design. I have always wanted to be an engineer since both of my
grandfathers were engineers, one in mining and another in refrigeration.
I love math and science, and since engineers apply their knowledge of math
and science in daily life, it seemed like the perfect major for me!.

A dream job of mine would be to design and test different fabrics and materials
that need to achieve a certain purpose, such as bullet-proof clothing. I would
be able to research and test new ways of creating textiles, and how they benefit
the user. I would help people from all occupations to improve their work, from
firefighters to soldiers and athletes.

Picture of Me

Classes of Interest

  1. BUS 225: Personal Finance
  2. ENG 208: Studies in Fiction
  3. T101: Introduction to the College of Textiles
  4. STS 214: Science, Technology and Society Intro

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