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Hey! My name is Victoria Riggs. My original major was Biomedical Engineering. This was because I wanted to be a Veterinary Radiologist, and this engineering degree would allow me to utilize technology to solve medical problems. Recently, however, I have decided to change my major to Animal Science. This would be a better major for my intended proffession.

My favorite Halloween costume is an "Identity Crisis". For the base, the person would wear all black (pants and a long sleeve shirt). Then you purchase nametags that have a header as "My Name Is...". Next, the person would write differnt names on as many nametags as he or she would like. This just depends on how covered he or she wants to be with different names. In the middle of the shirt would be a 6"*6" nametag with the header as "My Name Is..." and the name being "Identity Theft. I like this idea because I feel like many girls try to be as promiscuous as possible, and this costume allows girls to be witty and innocent.

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