About Me

veronica catete I have been a PhD student in the Computer Science Department of North Carolina State University since the Fall of 2012. Upon entering the program I joined the Center for Educational Informatics under the direction of Dr. Tiffany Barnes. I also lead the Raleigh STARS program which aims to broaden participation in computing.

I spent a year getting my Masters at UNC Charlotte working in the Games + Learning Lab, under Dr. Tiffany Barnes. I created the Students in Programming Robotics & Computer Science (SPARCS) program at UNC-C, which introduces middle school students to fun computing topics. I also helped revive the CCI Graduate Student Organization and was an active member of the Graduate & Professional Student Government.

Prior to starting my graduate career, I received my Bachelor's in Computer Science from NCSU in December 2010 with a minor in Science Technology & Society. As an undergraduate student I was a member of the University Scholars Program and the STARS Alliance. Through these activities I was able to begin working on research which helped to solidify my desire to continue onto graduate school.



My current research interests include broadening participation in computing through STEM education. My master's work was on developing educational video games to teach foundations of computer science through drag and drop programming. My preliminary doctoral research focused on a longitudinal study of students participating in my computing outreach programs. After finding success in the outreach program, I turned to training high school AP CS Principles teachers in identifying computational thinking in student coding assignments.


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