My name is Valentine Frazier. I am a freshman in electrical engineering at NC State University. I became interested in engineering out of a desire to develop technology that would benefit society. I decided on electrical because in high school I found that I enjoy working with circuits and computers. Within the electrical field, I am interested in studying power systems. I would like to help restore and improve the American power grid.

I am not currently employed, though during high school I worked as a lifeguard at a public recreation center. Most days on the job consisted of cleaning the pool deck and occasionally yelling at children. It was a fairly boring job, but in a way that was a good thing: if it wasn't boring, that usually meant someone was in trouble. Surprisingly, I never actually had to save someone from the water. Most incidents started elsewhere in the rec center.

  1. ECE 109
  2. ECE 200
  3. ECE 209
  4. ECE 211

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