Welcome and please feel free to learn about me

Hey, my name is Vishal Ruparelia. Currently, I am apart of the Living and Learning Village for First Year College students. Right now I am living in the basement of Tucker Hall as a freshman. I recently went through CODA with my first choice being Biomedical Engineering. I chose to pursure this major because the medical field intrigues me, and I really enjoy physics and math, thinking critically, and problem solving. If I do not end up in the BME program, Chemical Engineering is my second choice because chemistry comes very easily to me, and I really like breaking down compounds and materials.

My favorite break from school is Winter Break. There are many reasons as to why I like this break over all others. Winter is my favorite season because it shows the brutality of weather, and my philosophy is "you can always put on layers unlike in the summer when you can only take so many layers off." It is a time of family, and I love getting into the Christmas spirit!

March Madness is a time when America puts all of its minds together in order to predict the champion of Division I basketball. The entire organization of the "Bracketology" including the involvement of "Baracketology" just pumps me up. Watching the upsets and the games down to the wire get my heart beating fast - gives me an adrenoline rush. My bracket never actually stays intact beyond the Elite 8 because the upsets just bust it into a million little pieces. March Madness is the source of much advertisement and the incredible availability of free online basketball streaming through NCAA's website, so I can catch all of the action live without missing any miraculous buzzer beaters.

How to make the best sandwich ever!

  1. Grab two pieces of white bread
  2. Find Jiff smooth peanut butter and Welch's grape jelly
  3. Spread the peanut butter on one piece and spread jelly on the other piece
  4. Smash both pieces of bread together and enjoy!

The Academic Future

Classes Expected Grade
USC 102 A+
ENG 101 A
PY 205 A
PE 256 S
ECD 220 A
USP 111 S
HI 252 A

winter snow