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My name is Vasanth Ramdas and I am currently a first-year engineer with intent to major in Computer Science. I chose this major due to my interest in coding, the way computers work, and the fact computer science is a field that allows for a lot of innovation. I want to use my Computer Science degree to innovate and make life better and more convenient for others.

My dream job is creating software and products that makes current processes more convenient. A lot of technological innovation comes from trying to find ways to make things easier and more efficient, and this allows people to not waste their time on what was once a tedious process and use that time to do more productive things. Making life easier and better for others is something I want to do, and I believe that should be possible.

A picture of Vasanth & his dad
  1. CSC Senior Design Project
  2. Physics
  3. Kayaking
  4. Software Engineering
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