Welcome to the Wonderful Website!

My name is Vidusha Rao. I am a freshman.
My planned major involves Textile engineering.
I chose Textile engineering because my FEDD project
was the Fabric Bucket and it seemed interesting.
Hopefully I will like Textile Engineering.

One of my hobbies is sprinting. I like to run fast.
I ran track in High school. I ran hurdles and relays.
I am getting back to sprinting because the weather is good now.

penguin Resume
    How to make meat lover pizza
  1. get the dough
  2. put the cheese on
  3. put all the meat on it
  4. heat it thoroughly
  5. eat it and be happy

Class Expected Grade
ENG 101 B
CHEM 201 A
SOC 203 A
11th Grade Hurdle