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My name is Vanessa Katich. I am a freshman in biomedical engineering. I chose biomedical engineering as my major for multiple reasons. The reason that I chose engineering is because I have always enjoyed math and science. I chose biomedical though because I am interested in how the human body works. This major allows me to help enhance or save the lives of others through the creation and production of various medical equipment.

My favorite hobby is drawing. I enjoy drawing because it allows me to express how I feel, what I see, and what I imagine. I can create a story without words. The beauty of it is that every drawing is different, no piece will ever be an exact replication. Drawing is creative form of expression that has been done for centuries and has evolved with time.

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  1. Get two slices of bread out of a bag.
  2. Spread peanut butter on one slice with a butter knife.
  3. Spread nutella on the other slice of bread.
  4. Place the two slices together with the spreads facing each other.
  5. Enjoy.
Class Predicted Grade
Organic Chemistry A-
Calculus A
Economics B+
Three-Dimensional Drawing