Welcome to my page!!

Hi my name is Vikash Kumar and I'm a freshman in the College of Engineering. I'm currently in first year engineering but I plan to major in either electrical, chemical, or materials science and engineering. I really want to do research in alternative energy as a career, so I'm trying to find a major that best fits my interests in the field.

I have several hobbies, but one of my favorite is playing board games. I really enjoy the way some board games make me think, and they're a great way to spend time with friends. It's always really exciting introducing new board games to people who have heard of them before and blowing their mind on what a board game can be. I've introduced new board games to all my friends I've met in college and they all seem to really enjoy them.

How to order pizza
  1. Download the order up app
  2. Pick what kind of pizza you want from Gumby's
  3. Walk to Gumby's and get your pizza
  4. Eat your pizza
Class Expected Grade
EC 205 A
PY 205 A
MA 242 A
E115 S