Veronica Lee's Resumé

A picture of me during my time in Ireland this past summer


I am in the First Year Engineering Program at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. I plan to major in Biomedical Engineering and graduate with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and minors in Tissue Engineering and Biological Sciences in the spring of 2020.

Academic Interests and Goals

Biomedical Engineering interests me because I am fascinated by the new technologies that arise from the field. The goal of Biomedical Engineering is to eliminate or lessen the burdens of those who live with physical disabilities and chronic illness to improve their quality of life. I chose Biomedical Engineering because I hope to use my knowledge of biomaterials and tissue engineering to work alongside the scientists and engineers who are finding ways to produce healthy, vital organs so those in need of a transplant receive a new organ that is specifically designed for them eliminating stress endured by those on the waitlist, lessening the possibility of the organ being rejected by the body and the sometimes extended lengths of time spent waiting for a match from a registered organ donor. I hope to go to medical school, so I can continue research in the field of biomaterials and hopefully witness the success of my research through the health and betterment of my prior patients who are no longer under my care because they received proper treatment and are now free to live their lives outside of hospital walls.


Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
CH 221 Organic Chemistry Spring 2017
BME 204 BME Measurements Fall 2017
BME 203 Material Science of Biomaterials Spring 2018
BME 311 Linear Systems in BME Fall 2018
BME 451 BME Senior Design 1 Fall 2019