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My name is Victor Eduardo. I'm a first-year student with an intended major in philosophy (concentration in Logic, Representation, and Reasoning). I plan to choose this major because the aspect of logic and analytical thinking within philosophy really matches my style of thinking. I enjoy the idea of breaking something down into its bare bones and then attempting to understand it fully. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but my goal is to study it as an interest but to work with IT. I plan to do this by working in internships to build my experience.

My favorite hobby is probably dance. I'm a dancer at NC State on the Just Cuz Crew hip-hop student team. We had our biggest competition of the year this past Saturday and it was an incredible experience. Although I'm still new to it, I've always loved dance and plan on sticking with it for the next four years. Hopefully I'll improve and become just like the highly skilled dancers on my team. Until then, I have a lot of practicing and dabbling to do. Dance is the best.

My poetry
  1. Re-examine your life. Determine how much you really want a pizza right now.
  2. Create a brand new smartphone. In this fictional world, you have a degree that allows you to do so.
  3. Hack into Verizon's network with your new smartphone.
  4. Call Domino's and order a pizza under the pseudonym "W. Bottle."
Class Expected Grade
E 115 2% (F)
PHI 205 100% (A+)
COM 112 100% (A+)