I read the news today oh boy.
My name is Tucker Thompson. I am a sophomore in Civil Engineering. I chose Civil Engineering for a variety of reasons probably starting with my family. Both my father and grandfather, two people I look up to a lot, are civil engineers that went to NC State. I have actually been telling people that I would be a civil engineer at NC State for most of my life. Secondly and more recently, after taking physics I was able to get a much more broad surface view of what each type of engineering may be like. I decided that civil engineering lined up most directly with my interests and my abilities.

While most of my free time goes or has gone to basketball I would consider that a sport so my favorite hobby is probably playing guitar. I am not good at guitar but I figure if I spend a little time on it every day I will get better, slowly. I really enjoy listening to a wide variety of music so it is fun when I am actually trying to play music because I have to find the songs that I can play and would be suitable to my voice but are still songs I like. I like songs that are interesting but acoustic because I have an acoustic guitar. My favorite song to play currently is Blackbird by the Beatles.


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    Five things they do not tell you at orientation
  1. Toss and spread out the dough evenly
  2. Cover the dough with red sauce, evenly dispersed
  3. Evenly dispearse cheese on top
  4. Add pepperoni and bacon spurradically over the cheese
Class Grade
Statics A-
Calculus B-
Economics A