Current Students

  • Kamal KC, PhD, 2015, Hadoop Performance.
  • Chin-Jung Hsu, PhD, 2016, TBD.
  • Neha Gholkar, PhD, 2015 (est.), TBD.
  • Nuo Shi, PhD, 2017 (est.), TBD.
  • Zhuowei Wang, MS, 2014, TBD.

Graduated Students

Student Degree Date Thesis Where
Tyler K Bletsch PhD 2011 Code-Reuse Attacks: New Frontiers and Defenses NetApp
Kunsheng Chen MS 2009 An open solution to discover the graph structure of World Wide Web Qualcomm in San Diego, CA
Ashish Thakwani MS 2009 Process-level Isolation using Virtualization Qualcomm in Boulder, CO
Min-Yeol Lim PhD 2009 Improving Power and Performance Efficiency in Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems Intel Corporation, Champaign, Illinois
Subhas K Sinha MS 2008 An Evaluation of Linux I/O Scheduler Behavior at the Block I/O Layer Yahoo! in CA
Nandini Kappiah MS 2005 Just-in-Time Dynamic Voltage Scaling: Exploiting Inter-Node Slack to Save Energy in MPI Programs Google in CA
Feng Pan MS 2005 Exploring Energy-Time Tradeoff in High Performance Computing Raleigh
Mark E. Femal MS 2005 Non-Uniform Power Distribution in Data Centers for Safely Overprovisioning Circuit Capacity and Boosting Throughput Naval Research Laboratory Stennis Space Center in MS
Daniel M. Smith MS 2005 Asymmetric Task Scheduling on Simultaneous Multithreading Processors IBM Linux Technology Center in OR

Graduated students (Notre Dame)

Student Degree Date Thesis Went to
Yongqin Gao MS 2003 PhD program at ND
Jin Xu MS 2003 PhD program at ND
Robert Minerick MS 2002 Feedback-Directed Adaptive Energy Control Self-employed in MS
Vsevolod Panteleenko PhD 2002 Instantaneous Offloading of Web Server Load Oracle in CA
Paul Schermerhorn MS 2002 A Platform for Prototyping PIMOS System Services PhD program at U Indiana
H. Richard Kendall MS 1998 The Modify on Access Filesystem Startup in CA