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About Me

I am currently a student at NC State University, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I will be in the graduating class of 2020.

More on Aerospace Engineering

I have been interested in becoming an aeronautical engineer since the age of 8, so I am naturally interested in Aerospace Engineering. Aeronautics appeals to me because I have desired to fly from a young age; to experience the exhilaration of leaving the Earth’s bondage. My yearning for flight led me to research aircraft design, both mathematically and historically. The more I researched, the more I came to love the engineering aspect of flight. It gave me the freedom to apply myself to an immense mental challenge while still satisfying my youthful urges to fly.


Class Course Title Semester
MAE 206 Statics 2017 Spring
CSC 113 MATLAB 2017 Spring
MA341H Differential Equations 2016 Fall