All About My Engineering Experience

Hello, my name is Ashton Pope and I am a Freshman at NCSU. I am currently trying to double major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I chose these two majors because I have always been very interested in the area of robotics. Also, lately I have been looking at renewable energy which would also be linked to Electrical Engineering.

The reason I am at NCSU is to one day achieve my dream job. I want to have my own robotics business where I focus projects and technological advances on whatever I am interested in. I would like to continue to live on the east coast somewhere and preferably make North Carolina the hub of robotics and technology instead of California.


Coolest Classes so Far

  1. Environmental Ethics
  2. Calculus II
  3. Intro to Economics
  4. Chemistry-A Molecular Science

  5. Name Link
    NCSU Men's Club Ultimate Ultimate
    Juggling Club Juggling