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I am WinnieHope, Junior Math major really just enjoy math in general.
Pararaph One will address the debate about trasportation to school.
Students living on campus complain about the wolf line being too slow.
I persoally think that this should not be a problem at all.
If one has access to the wolf-line app, there ought not to be complaints like this.

I like to talk about social issues facing students and the school community.
On this second paragraph, we will address the issues that commuters face.
Imagine driving 30 minutes everyday of the week to attend classes. (i don't)
But I can certainly understand that it could be a pain, travelling everyday,
wasting time on the road, gas, missing meals sometimes, or eating at odd hours.
On top of which one may be working plus family, it can be all really overwhelming!

Hey I actually I am not a pet person. My little was bitten by a dog once.
And my mom is allergic to dogs and cats.
She gets asma attacks from being around pets.
Hence we cannot keep any little animals at my house.
Even going to the zoo is sometimes a challenge.
Reaso being that we all end up sneezing so much!

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    Making My Fav Dish: Pizza!

  1. warm water in a bowl
  2. mix flour and other savory ingredients
  3. flatten out the dough
  4. put tomoato paste and cheese on top
  5. Bake at 375 degrees for 40mins
  6. Ready to serve!....and EAT

Class Grade
MAE 250 B+
MAE 251 B-
CSC 113 B
E 115 S

My Fav Activity