About me!!

My name is William O'Tuel and I am a rising freshman. My intended major is Computer Science. This is because I have always been fascinated by computers and their ability to process information and run programs. I have always wanted to create my own AI and have it solve problems on its own. I am also interested in software design. I have also been thinking about working towards a double major.

A favorite hobby of mine is quite unusual for a majority of engineering majors. I love writing stories and creating new worlds. I write large branching narratives and I genuinely enjoy them. Back at home, I actually have about three large binders filled with old stories that I wrote as a child. I still write now, but I save them all on a flashdrive. I use to have a dream to become a published author.

I am really torn between cats and dogs. I use to be exclusively a dog person, and I owned my own lab, but when I gained mutual ownership of my best friend's cat, I began to love cats equally. Both animals have their pros and cons. Dogs are more energetic and want to play all the time. They are a great buddy to take out to the lake. Cats on the other hand are much more mellow, and will lay around with you during a lazy Saturday. They are great companions when reading a book or watching a show.

An example of my writing; I rewrote a portion of a Shakespearian piece into the styling of a novel for one of the English finals.
  1. Break apart the sub bread and make a soft bed of freshly washed spinach
  2. Add a magnitude of vegetables, including green peppers, red onions, jalapeƱos, shredded carrots, and tomatoes.
  3. Throw a healthy amount of turkey, ham, and roast beef on the sub.
  4. Finally add some pepperjack cheese and some horseradish mustard ontop of the cheese
  5. Enjoy!!

Classes Expected Grade
E115 Pass
MA141 B
CH111 C+

writing picture