Welcome to Will Bremen's Web Page!

Hello, my name is Will Bremen and I am a new transfer student majoring in computer

science . I am a second degree student who was originally planning on going to graduate

school to become a physician assistant. After working in a hospital for a couple years,

I decided I wanted to change direction and find a better fit. I first became

interested in computer science when I first learned about the field of bioinformatics

in a genetics class. I am hoping to work for a company that develops healthcare-related


For the past two and half years, I have been working as a Nursing Assistant and Health Unit Coordinator at Duke Raleigh Hospital. For the first two years I worked in a unit that specialized in neurological disorders and neurosurgery, then when I got into NCSU, I moved to the intensive care unit to work night shift on the weekends (all that was available). I won't go into the gritty details here, but being a nursing assistant can be a unpleasant job. But it is often very rewarding. But at the end of the day, healthcare just isn't for everyone. I recently left my job and am now considering an on-campus IT job and would love to do co-op.

Will Bremen

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In a perfect world, I would love to take all of these NCSU courses outside of my major:

  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Biomedical Genetics
  3. Embedded Systems
  4. Cognitive Science
  5. Perception
  6. Music composition with computers
  7. Some biomedical engineering courses
  8. Some electrical engineering courses

Some clubs I am interested in:

Name Website
App Development club Website
Data Analytics club Website
Society for Health Systems Website
Creative coding collective Website