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Hello, my name is Will Campbell. I am a freshman that is interested in pursuing Electrical Engineering (possibly doubling with Computer Engineering). Ironically, I had originally had a Mechanical Engineering intent, but E115 got me interested in Computer/Electrical Engineering. I enjoy using Putty and learning more about how a computer works. For this reason, I believe my major is perfect for me.

My favorite break was Fall Break (the one just two weeks ago). It was my favorite break because it was my first college break, and it was surely needed. I came home and did absolutely nothing. I slept late and stayed in my room most of the weekend. That was an awesome break.

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    How to make a pizza

  1. Get all the ingredients
  2. Mix them all together
  3. Bake it
  4. Eat it :)

My Classes

Class Expected Grade
REL 311 A
MA 141 A
EC 205 B

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