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Hello, My name is Winslow Clare Gurney. I am a freshman here at N. C. State. I plan on obtaining a dual degree in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science and Engineering. I chose this major because of the small class size. I also chose this major because of the high job placement rate.

While in high school I was very involved in the Marching Band program. I loved playing the flute and piccolo throughout the four years there. Band in general is my favorite hobby. However, I did not join the band here at N.C. State due to the limited amount of time free time that I have. I still Love to hear the band at the football games.

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    My Fav Pizza

  1. Call Dominos
  2. Order a Handtossed Vegiterain Thick Crust Pizza
  3. Tell them your address for Home Delivery
  4. Open door to obtain pizza from weird pizza boy
  5. Nicely pay and tip weird pizza boy
  6. Eat enitire while watching crappy movie
Current Classes Expected Grade
E101 B
CH101 C
ENG101 B
My Senior Night Performance