Welcome to Week 6 Homework

One of my favorite things to ever do was build things. From legos to K'nex, I was always out creating the latest and greatest technology I could think of. My name is William Haley III, and I intend to graduate North Carolina State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I am currently a Junior by credits since I transferred from Appalachian State, but I go by a sophomore because I have 3 years left here. I cannot wait to experience what NCSU has to offer.

I really enjoy any sort of competition. From board games to intramural sports, I do it all. I am active in intramural football this season and I expect to be next semester as well. Football is a game I enjoy watching more than playing, definitely when it comes to the NFL. I have a two true favorite board games: The Settlers of Catan and Munchkins. The games truly allow for a variety actions to take place because of the minimal rules actually established.

Here is a link to a paper I enjoyed writing click here

Class Expected Grade
MAE 301 B+
MAE 206 B
MSE 200 A+

The Settlers of Catan