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RoboCup Hefei(me left1)

My name is Wenyu Chang, and I'm a freshman of Computer Science. The reason why I choosed Computer Science as my major is that I am interested in the game development. Because the Game Development Department belongs to the Computer Science Department, I made my descision to study CS. And there is another reason why I choosed it. Since I was in the club of robot soccer back to high school and I was one of the programmer in the team, I choosed to study CS.

I never had a job that is related to my major. I want to be a game developer and also a movie director after I finish my study. I think game developer can present people a world that might not even have a little bit of possibility to be found in the reality.

My Favorite Classes:

  1. E115
  2. E101
  3. EC205
  4. FLE201

My Favorite Clubs or Organizations:

Clubs or Organizations Website
E-Sports Club at North Carolina State University E-sport Ncsu
App Development Club App development