Carl Jenkins : "A Hilarious, Music-Loving NCSU Student." Welcome to my page!

My official name is Wilbert Carl Jenkins III, yet I like to go by Carl. If I went by my first name, I would sound similar to a certain pig in Charlotte's Web.
I am currently a freshmen and my intended major right now is electrical engineering,but I plan to minor in music.
Music has been a big part of my life and I wish to continue to be a part of it, hopefully by working with audio and sound equipment.
The telecommunications industry also intrigues me, for we are forever trying to improve and upgrade our methods of efficient communication, and it would be a rewarding field to work in. I'm not sure what I want my future to be,
so I will continue looking for new opportunities to expand my horizons.

I had a great fall break from school. It was my first time going home since I had come to State, and my family was very happy to see me.
It was great to be back home (even though my little sister took my car AND my room) and just relax. Luckily, our break aligned with UNCW's break,
so I was able to catch up and go camping with my friends that had gone there. I had a great time, and got plenty of sleep. I came back to State rested, refreshed, and ready for classes to resume.

My Favorite Website

Netflix Logo

My NEXT Favorite Website


How To Make Pizza

  1. Spin a ball of pizza dough until flat
  2. Spread tomato sauce evenly across the dough
  3. Coat the sauce with a layer of cheese
  4. Add pepperoni slices to cover the cheese
  5. Put into fire-grilled oven until the cheese starts to get brown spots
Class Grade Expected
Calculus 3 B
Chemistry A
Economics A