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My name is Chase McLamb. I am currently enrolled at NC State in the college of First Year Engineering. If my CODA goes through successfully, I will begin my studies as an Aerospace Engineer by next year, the 2013-2014 school year. I despise chemistry greatly. I despise chemistry with every fiber of my being. This is now the sixth sentence in my first paragraph.

Summer break is my favorite break from school. It is the longest break. I can go work. By working, I earn money. Money is good. Because money is good, summer is good. Summer is the best.

I don't give a flip about March Madness. In fact, I give exactly half a flip. Do you know what half a flip is? It's a broken neck! I enjoy sports, but I don't see why people get so excited for this. It's probably caused by all the gambling.

Elder Scrolls Online
Tamriel Foundry
    Best Sandwich Ever
  1. Lay bread slice down
  2. Add thumb tacs
  3. Add capsaicin concentrate
  4. Add the tears of a small child (so it's not too dry)
  5. Place the second slice of bread on top
  6. Enjoy

Class names Expected Grade
Chemistry C
E 115 701
Physics 205 A-

Me on summer break

Picture of me from summer break