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Recent WSHH Idol goes to NC State

My name is Will mane and I made it mama! I'm a freshman at NC State! I wanna do hoodrat stuff in engineering because I like creatin' things. When I was younger, I likes to play with dem Lego blocks and make towers and stuff. I feel that I can really help my block by becoming a chemical engineer and do chemical stuff with my homies.

I was a baller on the field. Star defensive back for my team, and I got like 1000 picks. I was sick! But I to like literall put the team on my back. No like literally they broke their legs and I put my teammate on my back. But it was chill besides that.

Terry Crews

Here is my role model. Click on him to see how I will be like him!

"Here's my resume for my haters!"

How to make Romen Noodles

  1. Buy them noodles at your nearest Wal-Mart.
  2. Open the package and fill with tap water.
  3. Place in microwave for a hot minute.
  4. Cool down and start eatin' like you broke!

  5. The Sched

    Class Grade
    E101 We cruzin' (A)
    E115 We strugglin' but will pass (S)
    PY205 We cruzin' (A)
    Swag 101 We really cruzin' (A)

    Richard Sherman

    Here is my homie from Compton who made it to the league