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I am currently trying to obtain a bachelors degree in computer engineering from North Carolina State University. My anticipated date of graduation is December 2019.

My Goal

I have been a fan of computers for as long as I can remember. It was then obvious that I would study computer engineering. Artificial Intelligence can be one of the greatest accomplishments of human kind. Being part of this endeavor would be an honor. I hence have started to learn to cod in 4 languages. I also am intrested in cloud technology. It has the ability to change our perception of online storage. My degree can also be usedin the field of security. In my Sophmore year, I designed a security system using a Raspberry Pi microprocesor, a PIR motion sensor and a camera.I hope that I can work further in the security field.

Special Skills

Class Course Title Semester
COM 110 Public Speaking Spring 2017
ECE 310 Linear Systems Spring 2017
ECE 301 Linear Systems Spring 2017
ECE 306 Intro Embeded Sys Spring 2017
ECE 310 DN Complex Digital Systems Spring 2017