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My Interests
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My Main Interests

  1. Metallurgy

  2. Image of a coil of rolled metal.
    Metallurgy is the study of the property of metals. Metallurgy is a powerful tool when solving engineering problems using intelligent materials selection. Metallurgy branches into a myriad of sub-disciplines such as characterization, processing, design, etc. My personal experience with metallurgy includes surface treatment research and processing method engineering. Below are examples of metallurgical characterization.

    Ferritic and pearlitic steel Nuclear grade stainless steel Acicular martensitic steel
    An optical micrograph of ferritic and pearlitic steel. Note the relatively even distribution of the two phases. An optical micrograph of 316L Nuclear grade stainless steel showing evidence of brittle surface fracture - possibly due to irradiation. An SEM micrograph of acicular (needlelike) martensitic steel. Martensite is a non-equilibrium phase of carbon steel.

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  3. The United States Marine Corps

  4. A Marine from the Silent Drill Platoon
    The Marines have been a large influence on my life. I enlisted in May 2009 and have been serving in the Reserve. I'm currently a Corporal and an Operations and Logistics Specialist. The Marines have sent me to places that I never thought I would visit and have imparted invaluable training such as leadership and discipline. I'm proud to be a Marine and I would encourage anyone who is interested in the same to visit their nearest Recruiter.

  5. Music

  6. A Taylor DCSM-14
    Music is a critical part of my life. I listen to music whenever I can, wherever I am. I have no particular favorite genre of music however I appreciate just about anything that has a rhythm. Currently, I've been listening to new trance artist Andy Hope as well as the newgrass super group of Chris Thile, YoYo Ma, Stuart Duncan, and Edgar Meyer playing their "The Goat Rodeo Sessions". I've played guitar for about 8 years and I've explored other instruments such as piano, mandolin, and bass guitar. I have yet to find any other instrument that has a more pleasing timbre than the guitar.

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My Top Websites

View a short bio here.

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