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Greetings! My name is William Haskins, a rising sophomore here at NC State. Currently my objective major is in Biomedical Engineering. Initially I chose this major because of financial reasons however looking forward I find myself more engaged by the tasks involved with biomedical engineering.In my youth I felt interested in STEM fields but my upbringing lacked the resources to research things like engineering. It took until my senior year of high school to learn about engineering as a major and biomedical as a subcategory. In the end I found myself drawn to the medical field and rather than pursue something like nursing I sought out engineering.

My favorite hobby would probably have to be writing. When I was younger I had an overactive imagination and as a result found myself living vicariously through movies or stories. After having some classes in narrative writing I decided I would like to create my own fantastic tales. I've had some experience writing now unprofessionally and still do it to pass time. To be honest had I not learned about engineering I might have pursued a career in writing rather than STEM.

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    How to order a pizza!
  1. Go to Brooklyn Pizzeria
  2. Wait your turn
  3. Pick your size
  4. Pick your crust
  5. Pick your toppings
  6. Live a little and get the large with cheese
  7. ???
  8. Profit...er Eat
Class Expected Grade
PY205 B
CH222 B
MA242 B-