Welcome to my Webpage! Run with the Pack!

My name is Wyatt, and I am a freshman. My current major is technically First Year Engineering.
I intent to CODA into Computer Science as soon as I have the prerequisites. I have always been
fascinated by computers and would love to learn more and eventually make a career out of it. I am
not sure yet if I will specialize in a certain area of computer science.

My favorite hobby is running. I am a student-athlete here at NC State on the cross country and
track teams. Running is a great way to clear my head and spend time outdoors, though some days
are certainly more pleasant than others. Though managing my time can be very challenging, I have
enjoyed it so far. Hopefully I can continue to run for pleasure once I run out of eligibility.

The NC State mascot

My resume

  1. Spread crunchy peanut butter on a piece of sandwich bread
  2. Slice a banana into thin, circular slices
  3. Place the slices onto the peanut butter
  4. Place the pieces of sandwich bread together
  5. Cut off the crust

Course Expected Grade
PY 205 B
CSC 116 A
MA 242 B-