All about me

Welcome to my page

My name is William McCormick, I am a freshman here at NC state. I am currently enroled in the EFY program, with Mechanical as my intended path. I chose to become an engineer because of my grandpa, he would do science experiments with me and my cousin and that really got me involved with sciences.

So my current "job" is being a student, the job I really want is to be an officer in the United States Army. I want this job because I think it is important that all able bodied men should be ready to fight fot there nation. I also want this job because not everyone can do it.

Myself at a compitition

  1. MS101 First year ROTC
  2. MS301 Third year ROTC
  3. Statics
  4. Thermodynamics

  5. Orginazation Webpage
    ROTC Link
    Fencing Link