Hello and welcome to my professional website about myself!

Hello my name is Will Tibbals. I am a freshman at NC State University in the First Year Engineering program and plan on majoring in Industrial Engineering. I decided on this major because I would like to own my own business eventually and be an entrepreneur so I felt this major gave me the best knowledge to pursue this. It also is a major that has a lot of job opportunities right out of college.

A previous job I have had was working at TCBY. It was fun because I was working with one of my best friends there and I got to eat yogurt whenever I wanted. Something I didn't like was that the hours were long and we closed at 11 pm.

Picture of Will

  1. Chemistry 101
  2. Econ 201
  3. Engineering 101
  4. Math 141
Club Link to Website
Sailing http://www.sailpack.org/club
Young Republicans https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/183